MNLogit.predict(params, exog=None, linear=False)

Predict response variable of a model given exogenous variables.

  • params (array-like) – 2d array of fitted parameters of the model. Should be in the order returned from the model.
  • exog (array-like) – 1d or 2d array of exogenous values. If not supplied, the whole exog attribute of the model is used. If a 1d array is given it assumed to be 1 row of exogenous variables. If you only have one regressor and would like to do prediction, you must provide a 2d array with shape[1] == 1.
  • linear (bool, optional) – If True, returns the linear predictor dot(exog,params). Else, returns the value of the cdf at the linear predictor.


Column 0 is the base case, the rest conform to the rows of params shifted up one for the base case.