class statsmodels.stats.contingency_tables.Table(table, shift_zeros=True)[source]

A two-way contingency table.

  • table (array-like) – A contingency table.
  • shift_zeros (boolean) – If True and any cell count is zero, add 0.5 to all values in the table.

array-like – The original table is cached as table_orig.


tuple of two ndarrays – The estimated row and column marginal distributions.


ndarray – Estimated cell probabilities under row/column independence.


ndarray – Fitted values under independence.


ndarray – The Pearson residuals under row/column independence.


ndarray – Residuals for the independent row/column model with approximate unit variance.


ndarray – The contribution of each cell to the chi^2 statistic.


ndarray – The local log odds ratios are calculated for each 2x2 subtable formed from adjacent rows and columns.


ndarray – The local odds ratios are calculated from each 2x2 subtable formed from adjacent rows and columns.


ndarray – The cumulative log odds ratio at a given pair of thresholds is calculated by reducing the table to a 2x2 table based on dichotomizing the rows and columns at the given thresholds. The table of cumulative log odds ratios presents all possible cumulative log odds ratios that can be formed from a given table.


ndarray – The cumulative odds ratios are calculated by reducing the table to a 2x2 table based on cutting the rows and columns at a given point. The table of cumulative odds ratios presents all possible cumulative odds ratios that can be formed from a given table.

See also, scipy.stats.chi2_contingency


The inference procedures used here are all based on a sampling model in which the units are independent and identically distributed, with each unit being classified with respect to two categorical variables.


Definitions of residuals:


chi2_contribs() Returns the contributions to the chi^2 statistic for independence.
cumulative_log_oddsratios() Returns cumulative log odds ratios.
cumulative_oddsratios() Returns the cumulative odds ratios for a contingency table.
fittedvalues() Returns fitted cell counts under independence.
from_data(data[, shift_zeros]) Construct a Table object from data.
independence_probabilities() Returns fitted joint probabilities under independence.
local_log_oddsratios() Returns local log odds ratios.
local_oddsratios() Returns local odds ratios.
marginal_probabilities() Estimate marginal probability distributions for the rows and columns.
resid_pearson() Returns Pearson residuals.
standardized_resids() Returns standardized residuals under independence.
test_nominal_association() Assess independence for nominal factors.
test_ordinal_association([row_scores, …]) Assess independence between two ordinal variables.