Binomial exponential family distribution.

Parameters:link (a link instance, optional) – The default link for the Binomial family is the logit link. Available links are logit, probit, cauchy, log, and cloglog. See statsmodels.genmod.families.links for more information.

The link function of the Binomial instance

Type:a link instance

variance is an instance of statsmodels.genmod.families.varfuncs.binary

Type:varfunc instance


endog for Binomial can be specified in one of three ways.


deviance(endog, mu[, var_weights, …]) The deviance function evaluated at (endog, mu, var_weights, freq_weights, scale) for the distribution.
fitted(lin_pred) Fitted values based on linear predictors lin_pred.
initialize(endog, freq_weights) Initialize the response variable.
loglike(endog, mu[, var_weights, …]) The log-likelihood function in terms of the fitted mean response.
loglike_obs(endog, mu[, var_weights, scale]) The log-likelihood function for each observation in terms of the fitted mean response for the Binomial distribution.
predict(mu) Linear predictors based on given mu values.
resid_anscombe(endog, mu[, var_weights, scale]) The Anscombe residuals
resid_dev(endog, mu[, var_weights, scale]) The deviance residuals
starting_mu(y) The starting values for the IRLS algorithm for the Binomial family.
weights(mu) Weights for IRLS steps