Binomial exponential family distribution.

Parameters:link (a link instance, optional) – The default link for the Binomial family is the logit link. Available links are logit, probit, cauchy, log, and cloglog. See statsmodels.genmod.families.links for more information.

a link instance – The link function of the Binomial instance


varfunc instancevariance is an instance of statsmodels.genmod.families.varfuncs.binary


endog for Binomial can be specified in one of three ways.


deviance(endog, mu[, var_weights, …]) The deviance function evaluated at (endog, mu, var_weights, freq_weights, scale) for the distribution.
fitted(lin_pred) Fitted values based on linear predictors lin_pred.
initialize(endog, freq_weights) Initialize the response variable.
loglike(endog, mu[, var_weights, …]) The log-likelihood function in terms of the fitted mean response.
loglike_obs(endog, mu[, var_weights, scale]) The log-likelihood function for each observation in terms of the fitted mean response for the Binomial distribution.
predict(mu) Linear predictors based on given mu values.
resid_anscombe(endog, mu[, var_weights, scale]) The Anscombe residuals
resid_dev(endog, mu[, var_weights, scale]) The deviance residuals
starting_mu(y) The starting values for the IRLS algorithm for the Binomial family.
weights(mu) Weights for IRLS steps