class statsmodels.sandbox.stats.multicomp.TukeyHSDResults(mc_object, results_table, q_crit, reject=None, meandiffs=None, std_pairs=None, confint=None, df_total=None, reject2=None, variance=None)[source]

Results from Tukey HSD test, with additional plot methods

Can also compute and plot additional post-hoc evaluations using this results class.


halfwidths is only available after call to plot_simultaneous.

Other attributes contain information about the data from the MultiComparison instance: data, df_total, groups, groupsunique, variance.


reject (array of boolean, True if we reject Null for group pair)
meandiffs (pairwise mean differences)
confint (confidence interval for pairwise mean differences)
std_pairs (standard deviation of pairwise mean differences)
q_crit (critical value of studentized range statistic at given alpha)
halfwidths (half widths of simultaneous confidence interval)


plot_simultaneous([comparison_name, ax, ...]) Plot a universal confidence interval of each group mean
summary() Summary table that can be printed