Creates a DataFrame with all available influence results.


frame : DataFrame

A DataFrame with all results.


The resultant DataFrame contains six variables in addition to the DFBETAS. These are:

  • cooks_d : Cook’s Distance defined in Influence.cooks_distance
  • standard_resid : Standardized residuals defined in Influence.resid_studentized_internal
  • hat_diag : The diagonal of the projection, or hat, matrix defined in Influence.hat_matrix_diag
  • dffits_internal : DFFITS statistics using internally Studentized residuals defined in Influence.dffits_internal
  • dffits : DFFITS statistics using externally Studentized residuals defined in Influence.dffits
  • student_resid : Externally Studentized residuals defined in Influence.resid_studentized_external