Grunfeld (1950) Investment Data


Grunfeld (1950) Investment Data for 11 U.S. Firms.


Number of observations - 220 (20 years for 11 firms)

Number of variables - 5

Variables name definitions::

    invest  - Gross investment in 1947 dollars
    value   - Market value as of Dec. 31 in 1947 dollars
    capital - Stock of plant and equipment in 1947 dollars
    firm    - General Motors, US Steel, General Electric, Chrysler,
            Atlantic Refining, IBM, Union Oil, Westinghouse, Goodyear,
            Diamond Match, American Steel
    year    - 1935 - 1954

Note that raw_data has firm expanded to dummy variables, since it is a
string categorical variable.


This is the Grunfeld (1950) Investment Data.

The source for the data was the original 11-firm data set from Grunfeld’s Ph.D. thesis recreated by Kleiber and Zeileis (2008) “The Grunfeld Data at 50”. The data can be found here.

For a note on the many versions of the Grunfeld data circulating see:

This is public domain.

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