Source code for statsmodels.stats.multicomp

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

Created on Fri Mar 30 18:27:25 2012
Author: Josef Perktold

from statsmodels.sandbox.stats.multicomp import (  # noqa:F401
    tukeyhsd, MultiComparison)

__all__ = ['tukeyhsd', 'MultiComparison']

[docs]def pairwise_tukeyhsd(endog, groups, alpha=0.05): """ Calculate all pairwise comparisons with TukeyHSD confidence intervals Parameters ---------- endog : ndarray, float, 1d response variable groups : ndarray, 1d array with groups, can be string or integers alpha : float significance level for the test Returns ------- results : TukeyHSDResults instance A results class containing relevant data and some post-hoc calculations, including adjusted p-value Notes ----- This is just a wrapper around tukeyhsd method of MultiComparison See Also -------- MultiComparison tukeyhsd statsmodels.sandbox.stats.multicomp.TukeyHSDResults """ return MultiComparison(endog, groups).tukeyhsd(alpha=alpha)