class statsmodels.gam.smooth_basis.CyclicCubicSplines(x, df, constraints=None, variable_names=None)[source]

additive smooth components using cyclic cubic regression splines

This spline basis is the same as in patsy.

xarray_like, 1-D or 2-D

underlying explanatory variable for smooth terms. If 2-dimensional, then observations should be in rows and explanatory variables in columns.


numer of basis functions or degrees of freedom

constraintsNone, string or array

Constraints are used to transform the basis functions to satisfy those constraints.

variable_namesNone or list of strings

The names for the underlying explanatory variables, x used in for creating the column and parameter names for the basis functions. If x is a pandas object, then the names will be taken from it.



create the spline basis for new observations