GEE.predict(params, exog=None, offset=None, exposure=None, linear=False)[source]

Return predicted values for a marginal regression model fit using GEE.


Parameters / coefficients of a marginal regression model.

exogarray-like, optional

Design / exogenous data. If exog is None, model exog is used.

offsetarray-like, optional

Offset for exog if provided. If offset is None, model offset is used.

exposurearray-like, optional

Exposure for exog, if exposure is None, model exposure is used. Only allowed if link function is the logarithm.


If True, returns the linear predicted values. If False, returns the value of the inverse of the model’s link function at the linear predicted values.

An array of fitted values


Using log(V) as the offset is equivalent to using V as the exposure. If exposure U and offset V are both provided, then log(U) + V is added to the linear predictor.