MixedLMResults.t_test(r_matrix, scale=None, use_t=None)[source]

Compute a t-test for a each linear hypothesis of the form Rb = q


If an array is given, a p x k 2d array or length k 1d array specifying the linear restrictions. It is assumed that the linear combination is equal to zero.

scalefloat, optional

An optional scale to use. Default is the scale specified by the model fit.

use_tbool, optional

If use_t is None, then the default of the model is used. If use_t is True, then the p-values are based on the t distribution. If use_t is False, then the p-values are based on the normal distribution.

resContrastResults instance

The results for the test are attributes of this results instance. The available results have the same elements as the parameter table in summary().