class, variance)[source]

The parent class for one-parameter exponential families.


link : a link function instance

Link is the linear transformation function. See the individual families for available links.

variance : a variance function

Measures the variance as a function of the mean probabilities. See the individual families for the default variance function.

See also

Link Functions


deviance(endog, mu[, scale]) Deviance of (endog,mu) pair.
fitted(lin_pred) Fitted values based on linear predictors lin_pred.
loglike(endog, mu[, scale]) The loglikelihood function.
predict(mu) Linear predictors based on given mu values.
resid_anscombe(endog, mu) The Anscome residuals.
resid_dev(endog, mu[, scale]) The deviance residuals
starting_mu(y) Starting value for mu in the IRLS algorithm.
weights(mu) Weights for IRLS steps