Generalized Linear Models

Generalized linear models currently supports estimation using the one-parameter exponential families

See Module Reference for commands and arguments.


# Load modules and data
import statsmodels.api as sm
data = sm.datasets.scotland.load()
data.exog = sm.add_constant(data.exog)

# Instantiate a gamma family model with the default link function.
gamma_model = sm.GLM(data.endog, data.exog, family=sm.families.Gamma())
gamma_results =

Detailed examples can be found here:

Technical Documentation


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Module Reference

Model Class

GLM(endog, exog[, family, offset, exposure, ...]) Generalized Linear Models class

Results Class

GLMResults(model, params, ...[, cov_type, ...]) Class to contain GLM results.


The distribution families currently implemented are

Family(link, variance) The parent class for one-parameter exponential families.
Binomial([link]) Binomial exponential family distribution.
Gamma([link]) Gamma exponential family distribution.
Gaussian([link]) Gaussian exponential family distribution.
InverseGaussian([link]) InverseGaussian exponential family.
NegativeBinomial([link, alpha]) Negative Binomial exponential family.
Poisson([link]) Poisson exponential family.