, maxiter=100, method='IRLS', tol=1e-08, scale=None, cov_type='nonrobust', cov_kwds=None, use_t=None, **kwargs)[source]

Fits a generalized linear model for a given family.


maxiter : int, optional

Default is 100.

method : string

Default is ‘IRLS’ for iteratively reweighted least squares. This is currently the only method available for GLM fit.

scale : string or float, optional

scale can be ‘X2’, ‘dev’, or a float The default value is None, which uses X2 for Gamma, Gaussian, and Inverse Gaussian. X2 is Pearson’s chi-square divided by df_resid. The default is 1 for the Binomial and Poisson families. dev is the deviance divided by df_resid

tol : float

Convergence tolerance. Default is 1e-8.

start_params : array-like, optional

Initial guess of the solution for the loglikelihood maximization. The default is family-specific and is given by the family.starting_mu(endog). If start_params is given then the initial mean will be calculated as, start_params).


This method does not take any extra undocumented kwargs.