class statsmodels.regression.quantile_regression.QuantReg(endog, exog, **kwargs)[source]

Quantile Regression

Estimate a quantile regression model using iterative reweighted least squares.


endog : array or dataframe

endogenous/response variable

exog : array or dataframe

exogenous/explanatory variable(s)


The Least Absolute Deviation (LAD) estimator is a special case where quantile is set to 0.5 (q argument of the fit method).

The asymptotic covariance matrix is estimated following the procedure in Greene (2008, p.407-408), using either the logistic or gaussian kernels (kernel argument of the fit method).



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Kernels (used by the fit method):

  • Green (2008) Table 14.2

Bandwidth selection (used by the fit method):

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Keywords: Least Absolute Deviation(LAD) Regression, Quantile Regression, Regression, Robust Estimation.


fit([q, vcov, kernel, bandwidth, max_iter, ...]) Solve by Iterative Weighted Least Squares
whiten(data) QuantReg model whitener does nothing: returns data.


df_model The model degree of freedom, defined as the rank of the regressor matrix minus 1 if a constant is included.
df_resid The residual degree of freedom, defined as the number of observations minus the rank of the regressor matrix.