ExtremeValueCopula.plot_scatter(sample=None, nobs=500, random_state=None, ax=None)

Sample the copula and plot.

samplearray_like, optional

The sample to plot. If not provided (the default), a sample is generated.

nobsint, optional

Number of samples to generate from the copula.

random_state{None, int, numpy.random.Generator}, optional

If seed is None then the legacy singleton NumPy generator. This will change after 0.13 to use a fresh NumPy Generator, so you should explicitly pass a seeded Generator if you need reproducible results. If seed is an int, a new Generator instance is used, seeded with seed. If seed is already a Generator instance then that instance is used.

axAxesSubplot, optional

If given, this subplot is used to plot in instead of a new figure being created.


If ax is None, the created figure. Otherwise the figure to which ax is connected.

samplearray_like (n, d)

Sample from the copula.

Last update: Jun 14, 2024