CombineResults.summary_array(alpha=0.05, use_t=None)[source]

Create array with sample statistics and mean estimates

alphafloat in (0, 1)

Significance level for confidence interval. Nominal coverage is 1 - alpha.

use_tNone or bool

If use_t is None, then the attribute use_t determines whether normal or t-distribution is used for confidence intervals. Specifying use_t overrides the attribute. If use_t is false, then confidence intervals are based on the normal distribution. If it is true, then the t-distribution is used.


Array with columns [‘eff’, “sd_eff”, “ci_low”, “ci_upp”, “w_fe”,”w_re”]. Rows include statistics for samples and estimates of overall mean.

column_nameslist of str

The names for the columns, used when creating summary DataFrame.

Last update: Feb 14, 2024