property NewsResults.revision_details_by_impact

Details of forecast revisions from revised data, organized by impacts


Index is as MultiIndex consisting of:

  • impact date: the date of the impact on the variable of interest

  • impacted variable: the variable that is being impacted

  • revision date: the date of the data revision, that results in revision that impacts the forecast of variables of interest

  • revised variable: the variable being revised, that results in news that impacts the forecast of variables of interest

The columns are:

  • observed (prev): the previous value of the observation, as it was given in the previous dataset

  • revised: the value of the revised entry, as it is observed in the new dataset

  • revision: the revision (this is revised - observed (prev))

  • weight: the weight describing how the revision effects the forecast of the variable of interest

  • impact: the impact of the revision on the forecast of the variable of interest

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This table decomposes updated forecasts of variables of interest from the revision associated with each revised datapoint from the new data release.

This table does not summarize the impacts or show the effect of new datapoints. That information can be found in the impacts or details_by_impact tables.

Grouped impacts are shown in this table, with a “revision date” equal to the last period prior to which detailed revisions were computed and with “revised variable” set to the string “all prior revisions”. For these rows, all columns except “impact” will be set to NaNs.

This form of the details table is organized so that the impacted dates / variables are first in the index. This is convenient for slicing by impacted variables / dates to view the details of data updates for a particular variable or date.

However, since the observed (prev) and revised columns have a lot of duplication, printing the entire table gives a result that is less easy to parse than that produced by the details_by_revision property. details_by_revision contains the same information but is organized to be more convenient for displaying the entire table of detailed revisions. At the same time, details_by_revision is less convenient for subsetting.

Last update: May 14, 2024