Summary.add_table_2cols(res, title=None, gleft=None, gright=None, yname=None, xname=None)[source]

Add a double table, 2 tables with one column merged horizontally

resresults instance

some required information is directly taken from the result instance

titlestr, optional

if None, then a default title is used.

gleftlist[tuple], optional

elements for the left table, tuples are (name, value) pairs If gleft is None, then a default table is created

grightlist[tuple], optional

elements for the right table, tuples are (name, value) pairs

ynamestr, optional

optional name for the endogenous variable, default is “y”

xnamelist[str], optional

optional names for the exogenous variables, default is “var_xx”. Must match the number of parameters in the model.

Last update: May 25, 2024