class statsmodels.iolib.summary.Summary[source]

class to hold tables for result summary presentation

Construction does not take any parameters. Tables and text can be added with the add_ methods.


Contains the list of SimpleTable instances, horizontally concatenated tables are not saved separately.

Type:list of tables

extra lines that are added to the text output, used for warnings and explanations.



add_extra_txt(etext) add additional text that will be added at the end in text format
add_table_2cols(res[, title, gleft, gright, …]) add a double table, 2 tables with one column merged horizontally
add_table_params(res[, yname, xname, alpha, …]) create and add a table for the parameter estimates
as_csv() return tables as string
as_html() return tables as string
as_latex() return tables as string
as_text() return tables as string