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Provides a function to open the system browser to either search or go directly
to a function's reference
import webbrowser
from urllib.parse import urlencode

from statsmodels import __version__


def _generate_url(func, stable):
    Parse inputs and return a correctly formatted URL or raises ValueError
    if the input is not understandable
    url = BASE_URL
    if stable:
        url += 'stable/'
        url += 'devel/'

    if func is None:
        return url
    elif isinstance(func, str):
        url += 'search.html?'
        url += urlencode({'q': func})
        url += '&check_keywords=yes&area=default'
            func = func
            func_name = func.__name__
            func_module = func.__module__
            if not func_module.startswith('statsmodels.'):
                raise ValueError('Function must be from statsmodels')
            url += 'generated/'
            url += func_module + '.' + func_name + '.html'
        except AttributeError:
            raise ValueError('Input not understood')
    return url

[docs] def webdoc(func=None, stable=None): """ Opens a browser and displays online documentation Parameters ---------- func : {str, callable} Either a string to search the documentation or a function stable : bool Flag indicating whether to use the stable documentation (True) or the development documentation (False). If not provided, opens the stable documentation if the current version of statsmodels is a release Examples -------- >>> import statsmodels.api as sm Documentation site >>> sm.webdoc() Search for glm in docs >>> sm.webdoc('glm') Go to current generated help for OLS >>> sm.webdoc(sm.OLS, stable=False) Notes ----- By default, open stable documentation if the current version of statsmodels is a release. Otherwise opens the development documentation. Uses the default system browser. """ stable = __version__ if 'dev' not in __version__ else stable url_or_error = _generate_url(func, stable) return None

Last update: Dec 14, 2023