'pinv', cov_type='nonrobust', cov_kwds=None, use_t=None, **kwargs)

Full fit of the model.

The results include an estimate of covariance matrix, (whitened) residuals and an estimate of scale.

methodstr, optional

Can be “pinv”, “qr”. “pinv” uses the Moore-Penrose pseudoinverse to solve the least squares problem. “qr” uses the QR factorization.

cov_typestr, optional

See regression.linear_model.RegressionResults for a description of the available covariance estimators.

cov_kwdslist or None, optional

See linear_model.RegressionResults.get_robustcov_results for a description required keywords for alternative covariance estimators.

use_tbool, optional

Flag indicating to use the Student’s t distribution when computing p-values. Default behavior depends on cov_type. See linear_model.RegressionResults.get_robustcov_results for implementation details.


Additional keyword arguments that contain information used when constructing a model using the formula interface.


The model estimation results.

See also


The results container.


A method to change the covariance estimator used when fitting the model.


The fit method uses the pseudoinverse of the design/exogenous variables to solve the least squares minimization.

Last update: Dec 14, 2023