Pre 0.5.0 Release History


Main Changes and Additions * Add patsy dependency

Compatibility and Deprecation

  • cleanup of import paths (lowess)

Bug Fixes

  • input shapes of tools.isestimable

Enhancements and Additions

  • formula integration based on patsy (new dependency)

  • Time series analysis - ARIMA modeling - enhanced forecasting based on pandas datetime handling

  • expanded margins for discrete models

  • OLS outlier test

  • empirical likelihood - Google Summer of Code 2012 project - inference for descriptive statistics - inference for regression models - accelerated failure time models

  • expanded probability plots

  • improved graphics - plotcorr - acf and pacf

  • new datasets

  • new and improved tools - numdiff numerical differentiation


The only change compared to 0.4.2 is for compatibility with python 3.2.3 (changed behavior of 2to3)


This is a bug-fix release, that affects mainly Big-Endian machines.

Bug Fixes

  • discrete_model.MNLogit fix summary method

  • tsa.filters.hp_filter do not use umfpack on Big-Endian machine (scipy bug)

  • the remaining fixes are in the test suite, either precision problems on some machines or incorrect testing on Big-Endian machines.


This is a backwards compatible (according to our test suite) release with bug fixes and code cleanup.

Bug Fixes

  • build and distribution fixes

  • lowess correct distance calculation

  • genmod correction CDFlink derivative

  • adfuller _autolag correct calculation of optimal lag

  • het_arch, het_lm : fix autolag and store options

  • GLSAR: incorrect whitening for lag>1

Other Changes

  • add lowess and other functions to api and documentation

  • rename lowess module (old import path will be removed at next release)

  • new robust sandwich covariance estimators, moved out of sandbox

  • compatibility with pandas 0.8

  • new plots in - ABLine plot - interaction plot


Main Changes and Additions

  • Added pandas dependency.

  • Cython source is built automatically if cython and compiler are present

  • Support use of dates in timeseries models

  • Improved plots - Violin plots - Bean Plots - QQ Plots

  • Added lowess function

  • Support for pandas Series and DataFrame objects. Results instances return pandas objects if the models are fit using pandas objects.

  • Full Python 3 compatibility

  • Fix bugs in genfromdta. Convert Stata .dta format to structured array preserving all types. Conversion is much faster now.

  • Improved documentation

  • Models and results are pickleable via save/load, optionally saving the model data.

  • Kernel Density Estimation now uses Cython and is considerably faster.

  • Diagnostics for outlier and influence statistics in OLS

  • Added El Nino Sea Surface Temperatures dataset

  • Numerous bug fixes

  • Internal code refactoring

  • Improved documentation including examples as part of HTML

Changes that break backwards compatibility

  • Deprecated scikits namespace. The recommended import is now:

    import statsmodels.api as sm
  • model.predict methods signature is now (params, exog, …) where before it assumed that the model had been fit and omitted the params argument.

  • For consistency with other multi-equation models, the parameters of MNLogit are now transposed.

  • -> distributions.ECDF

  • -> distributions.monotone_fn_inverter

  • -> distributions.StepFunction


  • Removed academic-only WFS dataset.

  • Fix easy_install issue on Windows.


Changes that break backwards compatibility

Added for importing. So the new convention for importing is:

import statsmodels.api as sm

Importing from modules directly now avoids unnecessary imports and increases the import speed if a library or user only needs specific functions.

  • sandbox/ -> iolib/

  • lib/ -> iolib/ (Now contains Stata .dta format reader)

  • family -> families

  • families.links.inverse -> families.links.inverse_power

  • Datasets’ Load class is now load function.

  • -> regression/

  • -> discrete/

  • -> robust/

  • -> genmod/

  • -> base/

  • t() method -> tvalues attribute (t() still exists but raises a warning)

Main changes and additions

  • Numerous bugfixes.

  • Time Series Analysis model (tsa)

    • Vector Autoregression Models VAR (tsa.VAR)

    • Autoregressive Models AR (tsa.AR)

    • Autoregressive Moving Average Models ARMA (tsa.ARMA) optionally uses Cython for Kalman Filtering use install with option –with-cython

    • Baxter-King band-pass filter (tsa.filters.bkfilter)

    • Hodrick-Prescott filter (tsa.filters.hpfilter)

    • Christiano-Fitzgerald filter (tsa.filters.cffilter)

  • Improved maximum likelihood framework uses all available scipy.optimize solvers

  • Refactor of the datasets sub-package.

  • Added more datasets for examples.

  • Removed RPy dependency for running the test suite.

  • Refactored the test suite.

  • Refactored codebase/directory structure.

  • Support for offset and exposure in GLM.

  • Removed data_weights argument to for Binomial models.

  • New statistical tests, especially diagnostic and specification tests

  • Multiple test correction

  • General Method of Moment framework in sandbox

  • Improved documentation

  • and other additions


Main changes

  • renames for more consistency RLM.fitted_values -> RLM.fittedvalues GLMResults.resid_dev -> GLMResults.resid_deviance

  • GLMResults, RegressionResults: lazy calculations, convert attributes to properties with _cache

  • fix tests to run without rpy

  • expanded examples in examples directory

  • add PyDTA to – functions for reading Stata .dta binary files and converting them to numpy arrays

  • made tools.categorical much more robust

  • add_constant now takes a prepend argument

  • fix GLS to work with only a one column design


  • add four new datasets

    • A dataset from the American National Election Studies (1996)

    • Grunfeld (1950) investment data

    • Spector and Mazzeo (1980) program effectiveness data

    • A US macroeconomic dataset

  • add four new Maximum Likelihood Estimators for models with a discrete dependent variables with examples

    • Logit

    • Probit

    • MNLogit (multinomial logit)

    • Poisson


  • add qqplot in

  • add sandbox.tsa (time series analysis) and sandbox.regression (anova)

  • add principal component analysis in

  • add Seemingly Unrelated Regression (SUR) and Two-Stage Least Squares for systems of equations in sandbox.sysreg.Sem2SLS

  • add restricted least squares (RLS)


  • initial release

Last update: Dec 14, 2023