statsmodels.stats.proportion.proportions_chisquare_allpairs(count, nobs, multitest_method='hs')[source]

chisquare test of proportions for all pairs of k samples

Performs a chisquare test for proportions for all pairwise comparisons. The alternative is two-sided

countinteger or array_like

the number of successes in nobs trials.


the number of trials or observations.

propfloat, optional

The probability of success under the null hypothesis, 0 <= prop <= 1. The default value is prop = 0.5


This chooses the method for the multiple testing p-value correction, that is used as default in the results. It can be any method that is available in multipletesting. The default is Holm-Sidak ‘hs’.

resultAllPairsResults instance

The returned results instance has several statistics, such as p-values, attached, and additional methods for using a non-default multitest_method.


Yates continuity correction is not available.