Release 0.10.1

Release summary

This is a bug fix-only release

Development summary and credits

Besides receiving contributions for new and improved features and for bugfixes, important contributions to general maintenance for this release came from

  • Chad Fulton

  • Brock Mendel

  • Peter Quackenbush

  • Kerby Shedden

  • Kevin Sheppard

and the general maintainer and code reviewer

  • Josef Perktold

These lists of names are automatically generated based on git log, and may not be complete.

Merged Pull Requests

The following Pull Requests were merged since the last release:

  • PR #5784: MAINT: implement parts of #5220, deprecate ancient aliases

  • PR #5892: BUG: fix pandas compat

  • PR #5893: BUG: exponential smoothing - damped trend gives incorrect param, predictions

  • PR #5895: DOC: improvements to BayesMixedGLM docs, argument checking

  • PR #5897: MAINT: Use pytest.raises to check error message

  • PR #5903: BUG: Fix kwargs update bug in linear model fit_regularized

  • PR #5917: BUG: TVTP for Markov regression

  • PR #5921: BUG: Ensure exponential smoothers has continuous double data

  • PR #5930: BUG: Limit lags in KPSS

  • PR #5933: MAINT: Fix test that fails with positive probability

  • PR #5935: CLN: port parts of #5220

  • PR #5940: MAINT: Fix linting failures

  • PR #5944: BUG: Restore ResettableCache

  • PR #5951: BUG: Fix mosaic plot with missing category

  • PR #5971: BUG: Fix a future issue in ExpSmooth

Last update: Apr 18, 2024