Release 0.13.3

Release summary

statsmodels is using github to store the updated documentation. Two version are available:


API stability is not guaranteed for new features, although even in this case changes will be made in a backwards compatible way if possible. The stability of a new feature depends on how much time it was already in statsmodels main and how much usage it has already seen. If there are specific known problems or limitations, then they are mentioned in the docstrings.


Issues Closed: 79

Pull Requests Merged: 7

The Highlights

This is a Python 3.11 compatability release only. There are no significant new features or bug fixes.



  • Backport Python 3.11 to 0.13.x branch (PR #8484)

Development summary and credits

Besides receiving contributions for new and improved features and for bugfixes, important contributions to general maintenance for this release came from

  • Chad Fulton

  • Brock Mendel

  • Peter Quackenbush

  • Kerby Shedden

  • Kevin Sheppard

and the general maintainer and code reviewer

  • Josef Perktold

Additionally, many users contributed by participation in github issues and providing feedback.

Thanks to all of the contributors for the 0.13.3 release (based on git log):

  • Ewout Ter Hoeven

  • Kevin Sheppard

These lists of names are automatically generated based on git log, and may not be complete.

Merged Pull Requests

The following Pull Requests were merged since the last release:

  • PR #8470: TST: Relax tolerance on tests that marginally fail

  • PR #8473: MAINT: Future fixes for 0.13

  • PR #8474: MAINT: Try to fix object issue

  • PR #8479: MAINT: Update doc build instructions

  • PR #8480: MAINT: Update doc build instructions

  • PR #8483: DOC: Fix warnings

  • PR #8484: MAINT: Backport Python 3.11 to 0.13.x branch

  • PR #8485: DOC: Add release note for 0.13.3

  • PR #8489: MAINT: Set some Pins

  • PR #8491: MAINT: Refine pins

  • PR #8493: DOC: Final 0.13.3 docs

Last update: Apr 18, 2024