Source code for statsmodels.__init__

from statsmodels.compat.patsy import monkey_patch_cat_dtype

from statsmodels._version import __version__, __version_tuple__

__version_info__ = __version_tuple__


debug_warnings = False

if debug_warnings:
    import warnings

    # use the following to raise an exception for debugging specific warnings
    # warnings.filterwarnings("error", message=".*integer.*")

[docs] def test(extra_args=None, exit=False): """ Run the test suite Parameters ---------- extra_args : list[str] List of argument to pass to pytest when running the test suite. The default is ['--tb=short', '--disable-pytest-warnings']. exit : bool Flag indicating whether the test runner should exist when finished. Returns ------- int The status code from the test run if exit is False. """ from .tools._testing import PytestTester tst = PytestTester(package_path=__file__) return tst(extra_args=extra_args, exit=exit)
__all__ = ["__version__", "__version_info__", "__version_tuple__", "test"]

Last update: Dec 14, 2023