, fit_kwds=None, parallel_method='sequential', parallel_backend=None, init_kwds_generator=None)[source]

Performs the distributed estimation using the corresponding DistributedModel


A generator that produces a sequence of tuples where the first element in the tuple corresponds to an endog array and the element corresponds to an exog array.

fit_kwdsdict-like or None

Keywords needed for the model fitting.


type of distributed estimation to be used, currently “sequential”, “joblib” and “dask” are supported.

parallel_backendNone or joblib parallel_backend object

used to allow support for more complicated backends, ex: dask.distributed

init_kwds_generatorgenerator or None

Additional keyword generator that produces model init_kwds that may vary based on data partition. The current usecase is for WLS and GLS

join_method result. For the default, _join_debiased, it returns a
p length array.