Longley dataset


The Longley dataset contains various US macroeconomic variables that are known to be highly collinear. It has been used to appraise the accuracy of least squares routines.


Number of Observations - 16

Number of Variables - 6

Variable name definitions::

        TOTEMP - Total Employment
        GNPDEFL - GNP deflator
        GNP - GNP
        UNEMP - Number of unemployed
        ARMED - Size of armed forces
        POP - Population
        YEAR - Year (1947 - 1962)


The classic 1967 Longley Data


Longley, J.W. (1967) "An Appraisal of Least Squares Programs for the
    Electronic Comptuer from the Point of View of the User."  Journal of
    the American Statistical Association.  62.319, 819-41.

This is public domain.

Last update: Jul 16, 2024