Statewide Crime Data 2009


State crime data 2009


Number of observations: 51
Number of variables: 8
Variable name definitions:

    All 50 states plus DC.
    Rate of violent crimes / 100,000 population. Includes murder, forcible
    rape, robbery, and aggravated assault. Numbers for Illinois and
    Minnesota do not include forcible rapes. Footnote included with the
    American Statistical Abstract table reads:
    "The data collection methodology for the offense of forcible
    rape used by the Illinois and the Minnesota state Uniform Crime
    Reporting (UCR) Programs (with the exception of Rockford, Illinois,
    and Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota) does not comply with
    national UCR guidelines. Consequently, their state figures for
    forcible rape and violent crime (of which forcible rape is a part)
    are not published in this table."
    Rate of murders / 100,000 population.
    Percent of population having graduated from high school or higher.
    % of individuals below the poverty line
    Percent of population that is one race - white only. From 2009 American
    Community Survey
    Calculated from 2009 1-year American Community Survey obtained obtained
    from Census. Variable is Male householder, no wife present, family
    household combined with Female householder, no husband present, family
    household, divided by the total number of Family households.
    % of population in Urbanized Areas as of 2010 Census. Urbanized
    Areas are area of 50,000 or more people.


All data is for 2009 and was obtained from the American Statistical Abstracts except as indicated below.

Public domain.

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