statsmodels.nonparametric.kernels_asymmetric.kernel_cdf_bs(x, sample, bw)[source]

Birnbaum Saunders (normal) kernel for cdf estimation.

xarray_like, float

Points for which density is evaluated. x can be scalar or 1-dim.

samplendarray, 1-d

Sample from which kde is computed.


Bandwidth parameter, there is currently no default value for it.

Components for kernel estimation



Jin, Xiaodong, and Janusz Kawczak. 2003. “Birnbaum-Saunders and Lognormal Kernel Estimators for Modelling Durations in High Frequency Financial Data.” Annals of Economics and Finance 4: 103–24.


Mombeni, Habib Allah, B Masouri, and Mohammad Reza Akhoond. 2019. “Asymmetric Kernels for Boundary Modification in Distribution Function Estimation.” REVSTAT, 1–27.

Last update: Jul 16, 2024