World Copper Market 1951-1975 Dataset


This data describes the world copper market from 1951 through 1975. In an example, in Gill, the outcome variable (of a 2 stage estimation) is the world consumption of copper for the 25 years. The explanatory variables are the world consumption of copper in 1000 metric tons, the constant dollar adjusted price of copper, the price of a substitute, aluminum, an index of real per capita income base 1970, an annual measure of manufacturer inventory change, and a time trend.


Number of Observations - 25

Number of Variables - 6

Variable name definitions:

WORLDCONSUMPTION - World consumption of copper (in 1000 metric tons)
COPPERPRICE - Constant dollar adjusted price of copper
INCOMEINDEX - An index of real per capita income (base 1970)
ALUMPRICE - The price of aluminum
INVENTORYINDEX - A measure of annual manufacturer inventory trend
TIME - A time trend

Years are included in the data file though not returned by load.


Jeff Gill’s Generalized Linear Models: A Unified Approach

Used with express permission from the original author, who retains all rights.

Last update: Dec 14, 2023