Stack loss data


The stack loss plant data of Brownlee (1965) contains 21 days of measurements from a plant’s oxidation of ammonia to nitric acid. The nitric oxide pollutants are captured in an absorption tower.


Number of Observations - 21

Number of Variables - 4

Variable name definitions::

    STACKLOSS - 10 times the percentage of ammonia going into the plant
                that escapes from the absoroption column
    AIRFLOW   - Rate of operation of the plant
    WATERTEMP - Cooling water temperature in the absorption tower
    ACIDCONC  - Acid concentration of circulating acid minus 50 times 10.


Brownlee, K. A. (1965), “Statistical Theory and Methodology in Science and Engineering”, 2nd edition, New York:Wiley.

This is public domain.

Last update: Dec 14, 2023