CombineResults.conf_int_samples(alpha=0.05, use_t=None, nobs=None, ci_func=None)[source]

confidence intervals for the effect size estimate of samples

Additional information needs to be provided for confidence intervals that are not based on normal distribution using available variance. This is likely to change in future.

alphafloat in (0, 1)

Significance level for confidence interval. Nominal coverage is 1 - alpha.

use_tNone or bool

If use_t is None, then the attribute use_t determines whether normal or t-distribution is used for confidence intervals. Specifying use_t overrides the attribute. If use_t is false, then confidence intervals are based on the normal distribution. If it is true, then the t-distribution is used.

nobsNone or float

Number of observations used for degrees of freedom computation. Only used if use_t is true.

ci_funcNone or callable

User provided function to compute confidence intervals. This is not used yet and will allow using non-standard confidence intervals.

ci_efftuple of ndarrays

Tuple (ci_low, ci_upp) with confidence interval computed for each sample.


CombineResults currently only has information from the combine_effects function, which does not provide details about individual samples.

Last update: Dec 14, 2023