CombineResults.plot_forest(alpha=0.05, use_t=None, use_exp=False, ax=None, **kwds)[source]

Forest plot with means and confidence intervals

axNone or matplotlib axis instance

If ax is provided, then the plot will be added to it.

alphafloat in (0, 1)

Significance level for confidence interval. Nominal coverage is 1 - alpha.

use_tNone or bool

If use_t is None, then the attribute use_t determines whether normal or t-distribution is used for confidence intervals. Specifying use_t overrides the attribute. If use_t is false, then confidence intervals are based on the normal distribution. If it is true, then the t-distribution is used.


If use_exp is True, then the effect size and confidence limits will be exponentiated. This transform log-odds-ration into odds-ratio, and similarly for risk-ratio.

axAxesSubplot, optional

If given, this axes is used to plot in instead of a new figure being created.

kwdsoptional keyword arguments

Keywords are forwarded to the dot_plot function that creates the plot.

figMatplotlib figure instance

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Last update: May 05, 2023