class statsmodels.stats.nonparametric.RankCompareResult(tuple_=None, **kwds)[source]

Results for rank comparison

This is a subclass of HolderTuple that includes results from intermediate computations, as well as methods for hypothesis tests, confidence intervals and summary.


conf_int([value, alpha, alternative])

Confidence interval for probability that sample 1 has larger values

confint_lintransf([const, slope, alpha, ...])

confidence interval of a linear transformation of prob1


Cohen's d, standardized mean difference under normality assumption.

summary([alpha, xname])

summary table for probability that random draw x1 is larger than x2

test_prob_superior([value, alternative])

test for superiority probability

tost_prob_superior(low, upp)

test of stochastic (non-)equivalence of p = P(x1 > x2)

Last update: Dec 14, 2023