MultiComparison.allpairtest(testfunc, alpha=0.05, method='bonf', pvalidx=1)[source]

run a pairwise test on all pairs with multiple test correction

The statistical test given in testfunc is calculated for all pairs and the p-values are adjusted by methods in multipletests. The p-value correction is generic and based only on the p-values, and does not take any special structure of the hypotheses into account.


A test function for two (independent) samples. It is assumed that the return value on position pvalidx is the p-value.


familywise error rate


This specifies the method for the p-value correction. Any method of multipletests is possible.

pvalidxint (default: 1)

position of the p-value in the return of testfunc

sumtabSimpleTable instance

summary table for printing

errors: TODO: check if this is still wrong, I think it’s fixed.
results from multipletests are in different order
pval_corrected can be larger than 1 ???

Last update: Jun 14, 2024