RegressionResults.summary(yname=None, xname=None, title=None, alpha=0.05, slim=False)[source]

Summarize the Regression Results.

ynamestr, optional

Name of endogenous (response) variable. The Default is y.

xnamelist[str], optional

Names for the exogenous variables. Default is var_## for ## in the number of regressors. Must match the number of parameters in the model.

titlestr, optional

Title for the top table. If not None, then this replaces the default title.

alphafloat, optional

The significance level for the confidence intervals.

slimbool, optional

Flag indicating to produce reduced set or diagnostic information. Default is False.


Instance holding the summary tables and text, which can be printed or converted to various output formats.

See also


A class that holds summary results.

Last update: Dec 14, 2023